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It looks like the best date/time for everyone is this coming Tuesday, April 5, 10:00 am – 12:00 pm PDT.

I'll announce that then.

Thanks for everyone who participated in the poll. I was not able to find a time when everyone could join, but it appears that we have representation from Apple, Google, and Mozilla, so I think we’re in good shape.

The Google Hangout for the event will be https://hangouts.google.com/call/rwiluf6hlbhkzf4566hq4biedye.

I'm afraid I cannot use Google Hangouts. Is there a way to e.g. dial in by telephone, or dial out to me? Alternatively we could set up a W3C webex call, which does allow us to do that.

Chaals: Thanks for the reminder about minutes. I can help out with some of the scribe duties; if you’re able to make the call, you and I could trade off that role. I can’t remember the IRC channel we used for past F2F meetings; please share.

irc://irc.w3.org/#public-webapps is the channel we try to use for all meetings (except the rare occasions we have two running at the same time).

If memory serves, there are also some conventions for flagging action items, etc. — can you point me at some summary of those? (Alternatively: With Google Hangouts, if it’s better to use Hangouts’ own chat system, we could use that instead.)

I'll fetch out a cheat-sheet reference, but if I can attend I will be able to manage most of that stuff at least…


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