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> On Tue, Apr 5, 2016 at 12:19 AM, Jan Miksovsky <> wrote:
> > I have no idea how to settle this question. If everyone else is happy using 
> > WebEx, and someone else can set up the video call, I certainly don’t have a 
> > problem with that. (My only issue would be if the meeting was restricted to 
> > voice only.)
> Does WebEx even support video?

It does

> In any event, per
> this would require
> Java, which is a major security risk, and it seems the fallback is
> audio-only.

FWIW, there is an Android client (including video support). That is what I
use personally, though the only thing I use it for is it get the webex
system to call me back to dial me in to the conference on audio. After I
get that audio connection I then just shut down the client.

> So it seems better to use Hangouts or some such.

Yeah, if everybody can agree to that it may work out a lot better.

But another option is to use a WebRTC service like which
work well enough these days with up to 8 video connections going at once.


Michael[tm] Smith

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