> On September 20, 2016 at 8:21 AM Thomas Lamprecht <t.lampre...@proxmox.com>
> wrote:
> On 09/20/2016 07:43 AM, Alexandre DERUMIER wrote:
> > One thing that I think it could be great,
> >
> > is to be able to have unique vmid across differents proxmox clusters.
> >
> > maybe with a letter prefix for example (cluster1: vmid: a100 , cluster2:
> > vmid:b100).
> I would use the clustername as a "namespace" for this, as its already 
> unique in a network.

I guess we need more. For example, we can exactly identify
a VM/CT/Storage/Network by prefixing it with the cluster name:


But we need a way to tell if resources are considered 
to be equal (cluster wide).

An easy way to to do that would be to assign UUIDs to VMs, CTs, 
storages and networks?

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