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> On Mon, Sep 12, 2016 at 10:35 PM,  <is...@isely.net> wrote:
> > I know basically nothing about the HVR-1975.
> As I understand it, the HVR-1975 is essentially
> a "one size fits all" redesign of the basic HVR-1900
> and the HVR-1950/1955 which is compatible with
> both US and DVB standards [mostly for commercial
> embedded solutions that want one SKU for either
> location (it actually contains two demods)].

OK, this helps a lot...

> Hauppuage (last I knew) reportedly offered an out
> of tree driver on their website for the HVR-1975,
> but (again, last I knew) it was never submitted
> upstream (it was reported some of the code
> included non-GPL copyright, and I presume
> it could not be re-licensed).

There's no copyright attribution at all for the patch.  I can't accept 
it even as-is right now because of this.  Scanning the patch quickly, I 
didn't see anything jump out that might "smell" like any kind of secret 
sauce complicating a copyright.  But "smell" is not a good legal test, 



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