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> Ian:
> Wait a second.  Now I'm confused.  Are you or are not using the pvrusb2 
> driver?  The error you quoted was definitely phrasing that would have 
> come from the pvrusb2 driver.  If you're using something else entirely 
> different I'd be VERY curious know why the resemblence.
> Also - to others here - I'm confused about something else.  This sounds 
> like we're talking about 3 drivers:
> 1. The pvrusb2 driver, in the kernel mainline.
> 2. Something on the Hauppauge web site, apparently freely accessible.
> 3. Something from Hauppauge that can't be acquired without an NDA.
> Is this correct?  Anyone, chime in.
>   -Mike

Hauppauge a little while back posted the #3 thing (that used to require
the NDA) to their web page, no more NDA required.  So #2 and #3 are the
same thing now.

That thing is a *patch* to the kernel mainline pvrusb2 driver.  To
install it, one has to download the kernel source, apply the patch
(which applied perfectly cleanly), and rebuild.

You can look at the patch yourself:

   - Ian
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