Hey ya,

about time for another release I guess?

Here is the issue to track:

As per docs/howto_release_pygame.txt I'm letting all interested people know
there is a release coming 'soon'.

Or not? Is there something horribly broken that wasn't broken in the last
release? Or something you're almost done with?

The reason to do a release is that:
- there are a bunch of fixes in pygame.
- I'd rather get that stuff released before I start merging in the sdl2
stuff (which is turned off by default still).

Here's the checklist as of now.
- [x] go through the issue tracker, and pull requests to include as much as
we can.
- [ ] announce intention to release on mailing list.
- [ ] prepare the release notes (aka, WHATSNEW).
- [ ] manual testing on linux
- [ ] manual testing on mac
- [ ] manual testing on windows
- [ ] run a few old games I know to see if things work.
- [ ] upload wheels to test pypi
- [ ] ask for people to test from test.pypi.org

I'm updating the release notes now, and then will start figuring out how to
load wheels onto test pypi.

Any feedback on this plan, or help appreciated.

Here's the issue to discuss 1.9.4 release things:


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