Great :)

I've had a look at this list of fails before, can't remember here is what I
found (IIRC) -

-   pypy devs said this will never be supported in pypy

The others look like they might be pypy bugs, but it obviously need a
little investigation to find out what they are doing that is common.

There are a lot of

TypeError: decoding Unicode is not supported

So this might all be the same bug (I guess pypy is returning unicode
somewhere, where it should not - and pygame then tries to decode it).

A lot of the other errors seem to go into broad classes of error, that
could be broken down, but those are the biggest two.

On 12 February 2018 at 13:05, René Dudfield <> wrote:

> Here's the PR enabling pypy on travis so that it is allowed to fail:
> And you can see the commit is considered passing, even though there are
> quite a few Fails and Errors in the pypy build.

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