Thanks for the info.

Yeah, I think some of them could be short work.

The event issues are probably the more important to get the core stuff

The ctypes.pythonapi is unfortunate... since that is what our tests use for
a lot of the array tests. There's a few BufferProxy errors too. I'm not
really surprised... that part of the Python C API(s) is really tricky (and
changed several times over releases). Would need some chats with pypy
experts to see what the best approach would be. It's possible we could
compile stuff just for pypy to be used in the tests... or perhaps there is
another way to get at the objects.

ps. (Unfortunately, it looks like all the history on that file is lost for
some reason in our git repo. Damn. Here is the bitbucket link with
48e19c7b9ee9/test/test_utils/ )

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