Hi community!

I'm a newbie and a muscician and I want to programm a live python midi 
interface to visualize my favourite song when I play it on my keyboard. 
I've started learning python, installed Ubuntu, configured my environnement 
and searched for online libraries.
I found here <https://wiki.python.org/moin/GuiProgramming> those libraries:

*-pygame-pyglet-pyopengl*My purpose was to use pygame's midi librairies to 
listen to my keyboard and use pyopengl for the graphics. 
The problem was that I didn't found anywhere sufficient documentation for 
learning pyopengl and I gave up until I discovered Piglet!

I'm not sure if I can implement the pygame's midi library and integrate it 
with piglet. Is this possible? or should I use pygame with pyopengl instead?
My question is : *Can I use piglet to programme my app with pygame's midi 

*What I want to do:*

Here is an animation more or less simillar than my idea ( I only want 12 
sectors and of course map it with my midi keyboard)

First step,
I want to draw a circle with sector like this (in 2d or 3d)


But first thing first,
I started with hello world and then writed a simple app who draw a circle 
But then,
I want to do this shape with 12 sectors and I don't know how to proceed. I 
looked for the GL_POLYGON method but I don't know how to implement it.
Can someone help me with a basic example or procedure to follow? 

*(for instance :*
   1. *make an array with all vertices *
   2. *draw a polygon shape with GL *
   3. *fill it *
   4. *change the camera projection*
   5. *etc...*


I'm motivated to learn piglet, opengl and python but I seek for ressources, 
example and support
Sorry for my bad english I'm not native.

Eelke Johnson

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