Being the guy who provide the Win32 binaries, I feel obliged to answer :)

2005/11/15, David Fraser <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
> Jim Gallacher wrote:
> > A new mod_python 3.2.5 beta tarball is now available for testing. A
> > windows binary should be available shortly.
> I thought I'd add a note on building on Windows...
> > Please download it, then do the usual
> >
> > $ ./configure --with-apxs=/wherever/it/is
> > $ make
> > $ (su)
> > # make install
> download, untar, then do (substituting your apache directory for the one
> below)
> cd dist
> set APACHESRC="c:\Program Files\Apache Group\Apache2"
> build_installer.bat
> Note that without setting APACHESRC, the setup will try and locate apxs
> to find the include and library directories, which will fail on a
> default (non-source) apache install (and which requires running
> configure which is wierd on windows anyway...)
> Perhaps a note on the could be added to the README?

Yes, and I'll add a test to build_installer.bat which will display a
nice error message when APACHESRC is not set.

> > Then (as non-root user!)
> >
> > $ cd test
> > $ python
> >
> > And see if any tests fail. If they pass, send a +1 to the list, if they
> > fail, send the details (the versions of OS, Python and Apache, the test
> > output, and suggestions, if any).
> Again, you can't do this on Windows without running configure.
> Did those who tested on Windows run configure or how did they get it to
> work? I'm curious as to the setup :-)

No need to run configure (which would cause a bunch of problems on
Windows). Just copy to and replace the @..@
macros manually.

> I tried building myself and testing the py2.4 installer, but with both
> the tests failed to start the Apache service and so universally failed.
> This was with a manually created
> I'm not giving a -1 until I know I'm doing the right thing though :-)

You're doing the right thing if you have something like this in :


In any case this would be a -1 on the test framework, not on mod_python...

> And I'd like to provide a way of doing this on Windows without configure
> if possible

All right, all right, I'll add a few lines of documentation to test/README.


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