Nicolas Lehuen wrote:

Being the guy who provide the Win32 binaries, I feel obliged to answer :)
Brilliant :-)

download, untar, then do (substituting your apache directory for the one
cd dist
set APACHESRC="c:\Program Files\Apache Group\Apache2"

Note that without setting APACHESRC, the setup will try and locate apxs
to find the include and library directories, which will fail on a
default (non-source) apache install (and which requires running
configure which is wierd on windows anyway...)

Perhaps a note on the could be added to the README?
Yes, and I'll add a test to build_installer.bat which will display a
nice error message when APACHESRC is not set.
Great, thanks

Then (as non-root user!)

$ cd test
$ python

And see if any tests fail. If they pass, send a +1 to the list, if they
fail, send the details (the versions of OS, Python and Apache, the test
output, and suggestions, if any).
Again, you can't do this on Windows without running configure.
Did those who tested on Windows run configure or how did they get it to
work? I'm curious as to the setup :-)

No need to run configure (which would cause a bunch of problems on
Windows). Just copy to and replace the @..@
macros manually.
Surely we could write code to figure these out? We work out many of them in / anyway...

I tried building myself and testing the py2.4 installer, but with both
the tests failed to start the Apache service and so universally failed.
This was with a manually created
I'm not giving a -1 until I know I'm doing the right thing though :-)

You're doing the right thing if you have something like this in :


In any case this would be a -1 on the test framework, not on mod_python...
OK - it seems the test framework leads at least a bit of documentation as to how to run on Windows

And I'd like to provide a way of doing this on Windows without configure
if possible
All right, all right, I'll add a few lines of documentation to test/README.
Nothing like bothering people :-)
So do these tests run for you?
The disturbing thing for me was that the seem to fail without any error messages being produced by apache, even in the test/logs/* files It turns out that if the service can't write to the error log file, it fails and logs a message in the Windows Event log, rather than to the console.
This is odd because it actually opens the log files itself.
I suspect this is because it actually runs using a different user as a service...

Anyway I should have been testing the earlier betas so I'm doing catchup :-)

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