On 2/6/06, Jim Gallacher <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> A couple of thoughts on this issue.
> According to the gentoo bug report quoted below, the problem in
> configure.in is the double backslash escape sequence in the line:
> MP_VERSION=`echo $MP_VERSION | sed s/\\"//g`
> Changing this to:
> MP_VERSION=`echo $MP_VERSION | sed s/\"//g`
> fixes it for bash 3.1. I wonder why we are using \\" since the gentoo
> fix seems to work ok with bash 3.0 (and GNU sed) on my system just as
> well. Is it there to support other shells, other sed versions, older
> bash versions... ??
> I suggest we either adopt the gentoo fix, or avoid the problem
> altogether by using tr. eg.
> MP_VERSION=`echo $MP_VERSION | tr -d '"'`
> I'm assuming tr is always available on UNIX-like systems.

Personally I prefer tr because it's more readable. But I don't know
it's availability outside Unix.  You can try single-quoting the sed
expression and eliminationg the backslashes altogether:

  MP_VERSION=`echo $MP_VERSION | sed 's/"//g' `

If there is also some problem with a sed treating " as a special
character, you can always use character classes:

  MP_VERSION=`echo $MP_VERSION | sed 's/["]//g' `

I generally find that avoid backslashes at all cost improves
portability of scripts across broken shells/seds.
Deron Meranda

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