As Jim pointed out a while back, we need to get going on mod_python 3.3
before I fill up JIRA with another page of bug reports or suggestions.

That said, how do we want to proceed on this? Do we want to draw up an
initial list of things to do with priorities, discuss them to make sure
all are okay with the fix or what is proposed, possibly assign them to
individuals, and then get started? Or even before that, do we want to
state general aims about what we want to address in mod_python 3.3?
Do we want to focus only on addressing bugs again, or look at some new
features as well?

By then I might have got my SVN access sorted out. Have account, but
haven't as yet tried a check out using it.

BTW, I still don't have priviledges in JIRA to administer entries, ie.,
assign etc. Do I need/want that? How do I get that set up?


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