2006/2/14, Graham Dumpleton <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
> If we want to go down the path of having interim 3.2 bug rollup releases
> while 3.3 is being developed, might I suggest that we target the following
> for such a release in the near future.
>   The Simplified GIL Aquisition patches.
>   Apache 2.2 patches.
>   Support for optional mod_ssl functions on request object.
>   Make PythonImport use apache.import_module() via CallBack method.
>   DBM Session test patches.
>   Bash 3.1.X configure patches.
> I know that MODPYTHON-94 isn't a bug fix, but a few people have been after
> this one. Also MODPYTHON-113 may not seem important, but will mean
> that any test package I make available for new importer will work properly
> in all cases where module imports occur.
> Anyway, after trolling through JIRA, these seemed to be the important ones
> to me, but other might have other suggestions.
> Now, the question is how we manage this. Do we concentrate on these only
> in the trunk and get them out of the way first as a 3.2.X release, holding 
> back
> any changes to test framework? Or do we merge such changes from trunk on
> a case by case basis in 3.2.X branch?
> Graham

I was thinking about working on the new test framework in parallel of
"real work", away from the trunk (in my /branches/nlehuen directory).
I don't think it will be too hard to track down the changes in the
trunk tests and bring them back in the new test framework, but I may
be wrong. One the new tests are available, I'll merge them back in the

So I guess it's not necessary to hold back the next release do to the
tests, and it may be a good exercise to due a few 3.2.x releases in a
short period of time before doing the 3.3.x release.


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