Nick Coghlan wrote:
> Barry Warsaw wrote:
>> On Jan 31, 2010, at 01:44 PM, Nick Coghlan wrote:
>>> We deliberate don't document -U because its typical effect is "break the
>>> world" - it makes all strings unicode in 2.x.

It only affects string literals, not all strings.

>> As an aside, I think this should be documented *somewhere* other than just in
>> import.c!  I'd totally forgotten about it until I read the source and almost
>> missed it.  Either it should be documented or it should be ripped out.
> Ripping it out is probably a reasonable idea given that there is a much
> better approach available now (i.e. trying to run under Py3k) that
> actually has a vague hope of working.
> Then again, if 2.7 really is the last non-maintenance 2.x release,
> what's to be gained by messing with it?

Nothing much, but then it's been undocumented for a number of
releases in order to be able to remove it at some point, so +1
to get rid off it for 2.7.

Note that in Python 2.7 you can use

        from __future__ import unicode_literals

on a per module basis to achieve much the same effect.

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