On Jan 31, 2010, at 03:07 PM, Ben Finney wrote:

>In other words, my understanding is that the current PEP would have the
>following tree for an example project::
>    foo/
>        __init__.py
>        __init__.pyr/
>            deadbeef.pyc
>            decafbad.pyc
>        lorem.py
>        lorem.pyr/
>            deadbeef.pyc
>            decafbad.pyc


>That's a nightmarish mess of compiled files swamping the source files,
>as has been pointed out several times.

Except that I think it will be quite uncommon for typical Python developers to
be confronted with this.

>Could we instead have a single subdirectory for each tree of module
>packages, keeping them tidily out of the way of the source files, while
>making them located just as deterministically::

If we do not choose the sibling folder approach, I feel pretty strongly that
it ought be more like the Subversion-like folder-per-folder approach than the
Bazaar-like folder-at-top-of-hierarchy approach.  If you have to manually blow
away a particular pyc file, folder-per-folder makes it much easier to find
exactly what you want to blow away without have to search up the file system,
and then back down again to find the pyc file to delete.  How many ..'s does
it take until you're lost in the twisty maze of ls?


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