On Feb 21, 2018, at 19:03, Dan Stromberg <drsali...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Is flake8 that much better than pylint, that pylint wouldn't even be 
> discussed?

I honestly don’t use pylint all that much these days, but when I was evaluating 
them years ago, I found pylint to be too noisy about not-incorrect code.  I 
also liked how flake8 has a very nice plugin system, and I use that on my 
personal projects to enforce a consistent style.  It’s certainly possible that 
both tools have advanced significantly since I last made my personal decision.

I agree with Guido in general though, that we’d need to do some actual analysis 
on the stdlib and see what the results are.  I do think that a plugin system, 
or really good configurability, will help us tailor whatever tool we decide to 
use, so that it’s only warning about the things we care about and ignoring the 
rest, without requiring lots of comment pragmas in the code.


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