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> Everytime I contribute to a project which has automatic style checks in
> CI, I find myself having to push pointless "cleanup" commits because
> the CI is barking at me for some ridiculous reason (such as putting two
> linefeeds instead of one between two Python functions).  Then I have to
> wait some more until CI finishes, especially if builds take long or
> build queues are clogged.
> Overall it makes contributing more of a PITA than it needs be.  Do
> automatic style *fixes* if you want, but please don't annoy me with
> automatic style checks that ask me to do tedious grunt work on my spare
> time.

Look at it from the other side though.  If I’m reviewing someone’s PR, and the 
style is so inconsistent with the existing code base, then I’m distracted by 
constantly asking the contributor to clean up little stylistic things.  This 
wastes my time as a reviewer, where I’d rather be thinking about the 
substantive content of the change.  To have no style checks can leave you with 
a chaotic jumbled ness that is much harder to navigate around, understand, and 
contribute to by others, and once you’ve gone down that path, you just build up 
technical debt to eventually try to clean it up.


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