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[Serhiy wrote]
>> Are there precedences of combining verbose and version options in other
>> programs?
> No, I was just afraid about other programs rely on format of python -V.

That would be my concern as well - while I can't *name* any specific
projects that use "python -V" to extract version info (e.g. for
filename generation based on MAJOR.MINOR), it's still the obvious
thing to call if you need that info and aren't already writing in
Python yourself.

>> I think it would not be large breakage if new releases of CPython become
>> outputting extended version information by default.
> I like it if it's OK.
> Does anyone against this?

I think adding "verbose version" is a good idea, with a clear and
reasonably obvious meaning.

While it *is* a little unusual to implement it that way, I don't think
that's sufficient reason to break with the established output format
for the plain "-V".


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