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>  P.S. It's very artificial to assume user are unable to use 'from itertools
> import chain' to try to make chain() seem more cumbersome than it is.
> I am sorry but it is cumbersome.

Imports are a fundamental part of Python. How are they "cumbersome"?
Is it cumbersome to have to import sys to get access to argv? To
import re to use regular expressions? To import subprocess to run an
external program?

Importing the features you use (and having an extensive standard
library of tools you might want, but which don't warrant being built
into the language) is, to me, a basic feature of Python.

Certainly having to add an import statement is extra typing. But
terseness was *never* a feature of Python. In many ways, a resistance
to overly terse (I could say "Perl-like") constructs is one of the
defining features of the language - and certainly, it's one that drew
me to Python, and one that I value.

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