On 17.10.2016 22:26, Paul Moore wrote:
Certainly having to add an import statement is extra typing. But
terseness was *never* a feature of Python. In many ways, a resistance
to overly terse (I could say "Perl-like") constructs is one of the
defining features of the language - and certainly, it's one that drew
me to Python, and one that I value.
I am completely with you on this one, Paul.

The statement about "cumbersomeness" was specific to this whole issue. Of course, importing feature-rich pieces from the stdlib is really cool. It was more the missed ability to do the same with list comprehensions of what is possible with list displays today. List displays feature * without importing anything fancy from the stdlib.

Nevermind, it seems we need to wait longer for this issue to come up again and maybe again to solve it eventually.

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