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I still remember the cry of anguish when the guy in the computer
building at (the then) Portsmouth Polytechnic dropped his cardboard box
of punch cards that made up his end of course project.

That's why you punch sequence numbers in columns 73-80.  If the cards
get out of order, just run the deck through the sorter.

And of course, don't forget to increment them by 10's, so you can insert new cards without resequencing the remainder.

I recall having to buy two tapes, because the operators were very resistant to taking several boxes of cards at one shot. (A box was 2000 cards) At that point, the card decks were instructions to the editor, how to turn the version of the code on tape1 into the new version, to be written to tape2. (And on every run, don't forget to reverse the lines describing which tape is tape1 and which is tape2.)


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