On 15.05.2014 04:43, Ben Finney wrote:
> Rustom Mody <rustompm...@gmail.com> writes:
>> Until then may we relegate '79' to quaint historical curiosities
> Not until the general capacity of human cognition advances to make
> longer lines easier to read.

I find it surprising how you can make such a claim about the whole of
humanity (!) without even feeling the need to have a pro forma study to
back it up. Also, not everything that applies to prose also equally
applies to code.

Personally I find overly narrow code (80 cols) to be much *harder* to
read than code that is 100 cols wide. Keep in mind that even if the
break is at 100 cols, lines will rarely exceed that limit. And if they
do to *understand* the code, the further down the line it is the less
important are the details usually.

I don't know why anyone would force a display issue onto everyone. It
imples the arrogant stance that every human being has the exact way of
reading and writing code. Everyone can configure her editor to what she
wants (including line breaks and such).

If people were to force pixel sizes of editor fonts, everyone would
immediately recognize what a stupid idea this would be. Even though I
could claim that the vertical formatting is all messed up when you don't
display my code with the correct font size! Ridiculous, right?


>> Wo hattest Du das Beben nochmal GENAU vorhergesagt?
> Zumindest nicht öffentlich!
Ah, der neueste und bis heute genialste Streich unsere großen
Kosmologen: Die Geheim-Vorhersage.
 - Karl Kaos über Rüdiger Thomas in dsa <hidbv3$om2$1...@speranza.aioe.org>

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