Johannes Bauer <>:

> I don't know why anyone would force a display issue onto everyone.

Well, if I have to work with your code, you are forcing your style on

> It imples the arrogant stance that every human being has the exact way
> of reading and writing code. Everyone can configure her editor to what
> she wants (including line breaks and such).

That's a good point: why aren't we just exchanging AST's and configuring
the editor to display them in our preferred format?

Well, we're not there yet.

Objective readability is not the main issue here, IMO. It's the screen
estate. I know the idea of "windows" is fast disappearing from modern
("mobile") computing; you have "apps" instead that commandeer the whole
screen. Personally, I find that a big step backwards. I want to be able
to subdivide the screen for many windows that represent different
contexts and tasks.


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