On Thursday, May 15, 2014 6:57:26 PM UTC+5:30, Chris Angelico wrote:
> The limit of human readability is generally given to be somewhere in
> the range of 60-120. It's not a single specific value that's exactly
> the same for everyone; personally, I like my lines of code to be a bit
> longer than 80, and will happily go to 90-100, but in the interests of
> interoperability, it's helpful to standardize on one common value -
> especially for large shared codebases.
> You're arguing against the specific value of 80, but 100 is still
> pretty close to that. There are two key boundaries: the point at which
> your eye can no longer comfortably read the text, and the point at
> which you need to scroll horizontally. The latter of course depends on
> your screen, but it's an EXTREMELY important barrier; the former is
> the "soft" boundary, as you won't instantly know when you're over it.

Thanks Chris for some sanity

As far as I can see the votaries of the mystical 79 have yet to explain
how/where it appeared from

JFTR the OP asked how to shorten a line and the shortest so far is what I 

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