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> Out of curiosity.
> Are you the Rusi Mody attempting to dive in Xe(La)TeX?

Yeah :-)

As my blog posts labelled unicode will indicate I am a fan of using
unicode in program source:

Of course it is not exactly a coincidence that I used APL a bit in my
early days.  At that time it was great fun though we did not take it

It is now about time that we stop taking ASCII seriously!!

And for those who dont know xetex, its is really xɘtex – a pictorial
anagram if written as XƎTEX

However in all fairness I should say that I cannot seem to find my
way to that promised land yet:
- xetex does not quite work whereas pdflatex works smoothly
- mathjax is awesome however its firmly latex (not xetex) based

* And the fact that there are recent implementations including web ones means 
its by no means dead:
which I think unicode aficionados will enjoy 

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