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I am curious how many of the editors people have been recommending have all
of the following Idle features, that I use constantly.

Regarding SciTE:

1. Run code in the editor with a single keypress.

Yes, although for most of what I like to do, it's not appropriate. But
if you're developing a script that runs and then terminates, yes, you
certainly can.

2. Display output and traceback in a window that lets you jump from the any
line in the traceback to the corresponding file and line, opening the file
if necessary.

Yes; it recognizes the most common formats used by C compilers, as
well as Python's traceback. Pressing F4 repeatedly will cycle you
through the output pane, effectively taking you from one step to
another in the traceback. (Obviously if you have more than one
traceback, it'll go straight from one to another, which won't always
be useful.) You can also double-click a line to go straight there.

3. Search unopened files (grep) for a string or re.

Yes, either using grep itself (fourth point) or using an internal
search that's more akin to an old DOS or OS/2 style of search. Either
way, the results come up in the output pane, and F4 will cycle through

4. Display grep output in a window that lets you jump from any 'hit' to
the corresponding file and line, opening the file if necessary.

As above. These three are all one feature, really.

Thank you. This makes your recommendation understandable.

> You can type
commands in the output pane and they'll be executed; any program
output that matches one of its parseable "this file, this line"
formats (which is true of 'grep -n') will be picked up.

Find in Files (grep) is implemented within Idle, in Python, using re. One of the subprojects of this summer's Idle GSOC student, Saimadhav Heblikar, is to add to Idle something similar to what you describe above. Run an external code analyzer (PyLint/Flake/Checker, whatever...), capture output, and jump to indicated locations. For Idle, the prime intended use would, of course, be for analyzing Python files.

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