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> As a Finnish-speaker, I hope that patch doesn't become default behavior.
> Too many times, we have been victimized by the German conventions. A
> Finnish-speaker would much rather see
>    Järvenpää => Jarvenpaa
>    Öllölä => Ollola
>    Kärkkäinen => Karkkainen
> than
>    Järvenpää => Jaervenpaeae
>    Öllölä => Oelloelae
>    Kärkkäinen => Kaerkkaeinen

It's even worse than that. The rules for ASCIIfying adorned characters
vary according to context - Müller and Mueller are different names,
and in many contexts should sort and compare differently, and I
remember reading somewhere that there's a context in which it's more
useful to decompose ü to u rather than ue. There is no "safe" lossy
transformation that can be done to any language's words, and this is
no exception. ASCIIfication has to be accepted as flawed; this issue
(an inability to handle non-ASCII labels) is similar to a lot of blog
URLs - 
is talking about the "International G&S Festival" awards, but the URL
drops the "&S" part. (If you absolutely have to transmit something
losslessly in pure ASCII, you need a scheme like Punycode, which is a
lot less clean and readable than a decomposition scheme.)

Of course, the better solution is to permit the full Unicode alphabet
in identifiers...


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