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It is now about time that we stop taking ASCII seriously!!

This can't happen in the Python world until there is a sensible approach
to unicode.  Ah, but wait a minute, the ball was set rolling with Python
3.0.  Then came PEP 393 and the Flexible String Representation in Python
3.3 and some strings came down in size by a factor of 75% and in most
cases it was faster.  Just what do some people want in life, jam on it?

I dont see that these two are related¹

You are talking about the infrastructure needed for writing unicode apps.
The language need not have non-ASCII lexemes for that

I am talking about something quite different.
Think for example of a German wanting to write "Gödel"
According to some conventions (s)he can write Goedel
But if that is forced just because of ASCII/US-104/what-have-u it would 
cause irritation/offense.

Likewise I am talking about the fact that x≠y is prettier than x != y.²

In earlier times the former was not an option.
Today the latter is drawn from an effectively random subset of unicode
only for historical reasons and not anything technologically current.

¹ Ok very very distantly related maybe in the sense that since python is a
key part of modern linux system admin, and getting out of ASCII-jail needs
the infrastructure to work smoothly in the wider unicode world.

² And probably 100s of other such egs, some random sample of which I have 

I just happen to like fishing :)

My fellow Pythonistas, ask not what our language can do for you, ask what you can do for our language.

Mark Lawrence

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