Hi Doug

Not only was Kylix a letdown, there is talk also of it being  
discontinued.  To be fair though, it is easy to see the difficulty for  
Borland to deploy a Linux IDE of the same quality as Delphi when so much  
in different Linux distributions is variable, the widget set being a prime  
example: CLX just never caught on, amongst the myriad of more mature and  
more open toolsets.

I am assuming that you have experience with pascal, or ObjectPascal as the  
Delphi manuals call it (if not, why Kylix?).  If so, may I suggest you  
look into
a) fpc (Free Pascal Compiler, http://www.freepascal.org)
b) Lazarus (An fpc IDE, aims to be an open-source Delphi clone, supports  
multiple widget sets [Win32 native on Windows!], can't remember the URL)

Though python is probably my favourite language for general purpose  
hacking, there is a lot to be said for a native compiled language  
(sometimes speed _is_ an issue), and in particular there is a lot to be  
said for fpc:
- Something like 99% Turbo Pascal compliant
- Very nearly Delphi compliant (object-pascal)
- (IMHO) Much cleaner language than C, still natively compiled
- Supports operator overloading & inlining
- Can be used to develop python extensions
- Supports nearly effortless cross-compiling

There are some problems with Lazarus at the moment, here is the biggie:   
It creates binaries of around 5MB for a minimal app, and this is because,  
at the moment it seems like it compiles the component library into the  
executable.  This is somewhat of a problem for me but I expect this will  
change within a release or two.

Lazarus is _very_ much like Delphi, and works on Windows, Linux, and  
possibly several other platforms.


> and net for info about Borlands KYLIX 3 and have found little technical
> info about it.  Their screen shots are very impressive, similar to Visual
> Basic.  I have sent several emails to Borlands Sales and Pre-Sales
> departments.  Pre-Sales bounces and Sales won't answer.  I'm sitting here
> with money in hand ready to buy but not from a company that won't give me
> the time of day.
> Does anyone of you have experiance with KYLIX 3 and do you think I should
> consider buying it?  Thank You, I'll go oil my keyboard now.
> Doug


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