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> > The only other time I've been waiting for X display was when I was
> > mobile, on a 3G connection, and using X11 forwarding on an SSH link
> > back to my home LAN. 
> Doing X11 calls over a network could really be a nuisance for others. And 
> an archaic design IMHO.
> I remember approx. 10 years ago a neighboring dept. at my work effectively 
> killed our 10 MB/s Ethernet segment with such traffic (due to a misconfigured 
> switch/router?). Running an ethernet analyzer showed a single X11 host-server 
> session occupied ~80% bandwidth.  AFAICR, it was a Sun workstation.
> A real PITA.
> --gv

NeWS was a technologically better system than X11 (for exactly the 
reasons mentioned above).  It's a pity X11 won.

The idea of NeWS was you push the low-level U/I interaction and 
rendering into the display side.  Better responsiveness, less network 
bandwidth consumed.  Sort of the same thing that's going on with 
javascript apps replacing server side generated HTML these days.

Come to think of it, it's the same idea as IBM-3270 display terminals, 
40 years ago :-)

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