On Fri, 27 Jun 2014 20:06:36 -0700, CM wrote:

> On Friday, June 27, 2014 7:44:39 PM UTC-4, Paul Sokolovsky wrote:
>> Yes, you can. So, please try that, and report how that went. We're
>> eager to know how that would go very much. But unlike you, we don't
>> have need to transform wxPython GUI application in Python into an
>> executable. So, you are in the best position to answer your question.
> I downloaded and installed Nuitka 0.5.2 for Windows, but it seems like
> the entirety of the instructions for what I want to do, as shown on the
> Docs web page, is this:
>     nuitka --recurse-all program.py
> I would need more help than that to try this.

I'm not a Windows user, so I can't give detailed step-by-step "mouse over 
this menu, click this button" instructions, but you need to open a 
command line terminal. (command.com or cmd.exe, I forget which, although 
I understand that these days Windows programmers prefer PowerShell.) At 
the prompt, type:

    cd "C:/path/to/where/your/program/lies/"

then hit Enter. (Of course, you don't *literally* type what I showed, you 
the actual path to your program.)

Confirm that your program is there: at the shell prompt, type


then hit Enter, and make sure you see your program, something_or_other.py.

Now type 

    nuitka --recurse-all something_or_other.py

and hit Enter. What happens?

(Don't be discouraged if there are a bunch of errors.)


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