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I'm sorry, I know it is a FAQ..., but I couldn't find a good answer.

I'm learning python and I'd like to start creating GUI applications,
mainly for Windows OS. In the past, I wrote many applications in Visual
Basic 4: it was very fast and you could create simple but effective GUIs
in Windows in some minutes.

I am also learning Python so my experience is limited.  I have
tried pyGTK and Tkinter.  GTK's concept of the hbox and vbox
gave me of difficulty.  I couldn't get the GUI to look the way
I wanted.

Yes, it's exactly my situation. I understand boxes give a lot of flexibility, but for simple GUI they are very complex.
Did you try Glade GUI builder applcation?

OTOH, Tkinter offers a way to place widgets on a
window/frame in a precise way:, y=#)
That is similar to VB's move statement.  GTK may have such a
feature but I was not able to find it.

Yes, it seems GTK has a similar feature. It is the container GtkFixed (

      The GtkFixed widget is a container which can place child
      widgets at fixed positions and with fixed sizes, given in
      pixels. GtkFixed performs no automatic layout management.

At the moment, I didn't tested GtkFixed yet, but it seems very simple to use. I hope Glade gives a good support for it.

Anyway, my choice based
on my limited experience is Tkinter.  Here is a good place to

This will give you several places to look for additional info...

Ok, thank you.

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