Marko Rauhamaa writes:

> Jussi Piitulainen writes:
>> Rustom Mody writes:
>>> [ My conjecture: The word ‘comprehension’ used this way in English is
>>> meaningless and is probably an infelicious translation of something
>>> which makes sense in German]
>> From a Latin word for "taking together", through Middle French,
> Metaphors' galore:
>    English: understand < stand under something
>    French:  comprendre < take something in
>    German:  verstehen  < stand in front of something
>    Finnish: ymmärtää   < surround something
> all mean the same thing.

English also has "comprehend" (in English it seems to me opaque).

Finnish also has "käsittää" 'understand' < 'get a hold of', from "käsi"
'hand' (at least it looks to me like it might be so derived).

But what is "set comprehension" in French, German, or Finnish?

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