On Saturday, February 3, 2018 at 7:15:16 PM UTC-5, pyotr filipivich wrote:
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>         Those of us who do not use google-groups may not notice the loss
> of the google groupies.

I use GG to read comp.lang.python because of the following combination
of factors. I would definitely be happier if there was another way to
do this, so that I wouldn't have to wade through lots of spam.

  - I read it from both home and work.

  - I can't install any additional software at work.

  - There is no newsgroup reader software available at work.

  - GG tracks read/unread status of every post. This is shared
    between work and home through my Google account.

  - When I (very rarely) post from work, I can't
    do it by email, since outgoing email is blocked.


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