Hi all,

As you know, QGIS server has been fully refactored for QGIS 3.

Now some big enterprises are starting to rely on it in production
environment and would like to consolidate again QGIS server.

I have some informations and questions :

# OGC certification

I got in touch with the OGC certification team, in the aim of getting
official certification, since we pass all WMS 1.3.0 tests.
If we seek a reference implementation status on behalf of OSGEO and
QGIS.org, there should be no fees, that's great news.
The process must be renewed every year.
We started the online testing process here:
http://cite.opengeospatial.org/teamengine. It's failing currently, probably
because of IP redirections we need to fix in our reference server (the one
used by the continuous integration system)

We are asked to start evaluating WFS conformity too, but that should be a
bit painful since there is no API in TeamEngine to make continuous
integration, and online platform is not responding. So I'm not confident
we'll have quick results here.

If everything goes well, I think QGIS can be certified soon! I think this
will be very interesting to advertise in the doc and website.

The OGC team seems really happy to see QGIS getting in the certification
loop, and suggest we also try to certify QGIS as a client. If anyone has
worked in that area, that would be nice to join efforts.

# Performance

 * We are still interested in having performance measure reference and
ideally have performance driven development with a continuous integration
system. Yves, is there anything new on your side?

 * One blocker for WFS was the performance of spatial filter, in 2.x, they
were not forwarded to the database when possible, and implied reading the
whole layer in memory before doing the spatial query on the QGIS side.
Anyone knows if it's still the case?

all the best
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