Hi Johanna, 

Orfeo Toolbox (photogrammetry software) is quite specialized and is not
part of the standard QGIS distribution. I also have no experience with
it and can't help. 

GRASS is different - it's a general purpose GIS and should work well
with QGIS. What are you struggling with regarding GRASS? 


The other question is: are you (I mean your Windows user account) a
long-time QGIS user who upgraded from older versions? If yes, it can
mean that some "out-of-the-box" settings don't apply, since you already
have settings and they won't get overwritten (people wouldn't like
that). So to judge things, it may be interesting to try from a new
Windows user account and test if things work fine for a new and clean
user account. You could then compare the settings and copy them over to
the production user who upgraded from older QGIS. 


On 2016-07-20 10:45, Johanna Botman wrote:

> Hi Andreas, 
> I was having specific issues with Orfeo Toolbox and GRASS. I'm running QGIS 
> 2.14.1. 
> I work where I have no permissions on my PC, so I struggle with basic 
> read/write. My IT unit don't like installing via OSGeo - so that doesn't help 
> either. 
> Johanna 
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> Hi Johanna, 
> Which provider are you talking about? 
> You have to understand that Processing is an open and extensible system - 
> many providers can't be shipped with QGIS, because they are very 
> domain-specific and would bloat QGIS or because of licensing issues. Hence 
> they need to be installed and configured separately. 
> However, processing providers that are shipped along with QGIS, such as 
> GDAL/OGR/Postgis/GRASS/Saga should work out of the box and I agree with you, 
> it shouldn't require extra configuration ideally. So what provider are you 
> talking about? 
> Greetings,
> Andreas 
> On 2016-07-20 01:39, Johanna Botman wrote:
>> Hi All,
>> I always struggle with the Options in Processing when I try to insert the 
>> correct path for a Provider. Is there anywhere that there is some 
>> documentation about what those settings should be?
>> I do realise that these come from a variety of sources and may vary from 
>> installation to installation. But isn't it time that QGIS moved away from 
>> users needing to know the intricacies of each installation? Why can't QGIS 
>> work straight out from the installation by now? I want to be getting on with 
>> my GIS work and analysis of data. I don't need to know about the details of 
>> the entrails, do I?
>> And yes, I am a Windows user and I am quite happy with being provided with 
>> an .exe file that just installs everything I need.
>> <end rant>
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