i forgot ...the geometries are correct ..

Le 13/10/2016 à 12:40, Erwan Conseil a écrit :

i a have a little pb with the jointures ... certainly simple ...but ..

I try a spatial jointure between a layer with buildings and a layer with plots of land . With that , i try to have all the polts of land with a building ... So , i make a spatial jointure with " plots of land" contains " buildings" . But some plots are indeed in the layer of plots of land ( exist in the table and visible on the map ) . Also the buidings of these plots exist in the table of buiding ( and visible on the map ). But ...but , the spatial jointure give nothing for these plots and buiding ...On the map , i see the buiding , the plot but the plot dos'nt appear like a "plot with buiding"...

The too layers are in the same projection ... I don't know wher is the pb and ..the solution !

Thank a lot for the help !!


( precisions : work with a Mac and Qgis 2.16 )

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