Perhaps you moved or copied the shape files and forgot to move the accompanied 
files (3 to 8 files with different extensions like .shx .dbf .shp .prj)?  If 
you just move the .shp and not the others, this is will create errors.  The 
.shx contains the geometries.  You may get this kind of message if you try to 
drag and drop the .shx and not the .shp in QGiS.  

.tiff will not crash because it's a lone file.  


> Le 25 nov. 2016 à 11:36, Mira Kattwinkel [via OSGeo.org] 
> <ml-node+s1560n5297446...@n6.nabble.com> a écrit :
> Dear list 
> I have been working with QGIS 2.14 and now 2.18 for a while on Linux 
> Mint 17. Suddenly, I cannot open shape files any more. When trying to 
> load them I get the message: "Layer is not valid: The layer XX.shp is 
> not a valid layer and can not be added to the map."  In the log message 
> panel under ogr it says: "Data source is invalid (Unable to open XX.shx 
> or XX.SHX.Try --config SHAPE_RESTORE_SHX true to restore or create it)" 
> Additionally, I cannot open GRASS files any more (which also used to 
> work fine) and get the error:" Error reading database file from: 
> /usr/share/qgis/resources/srs.db Because of this the projection selector 
> will not work..." and then QGIS crashes. 
> Interestingly, I can open shape files from my file browser (it starts 
> QGIS and loads the file) but then I cannot add another one. Raster 
> (GeoTif) data are also fine. 
> I have no idea what's causing this. I have tried removing and 
> reinstalling QGIS (version 2.18 and 2.14) without any success. 
> Can anybody give me any hint what might have corrupted my system? 
> Thanks a lot, 
> Mira 
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