All those solutions are possible good options. To answer the direct question in case you need to know, you have turn on editing (Toggle Edit) of a layer before you can edit, and this is only available on some data format (so make sure you import your data to Spatialite, Shapefile or another editable format, osm files are not directly editable)


On 12/15/2016 12:32 AM, Karl-Magnus Jönsson wrote:
Instead of editing the lines or attributes with all that work you can do this 
in the styling. In the labels tab of the layer properties there are rendering 
options. There is a checkbox for merging connected lines to avoid duplicate 
labels. Hope this works.

Karl-Magnus Jönsson

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Hi Charlotte,

You can use the "dissolve" tool for merging features that have value(s) in common. In 
this case the field "name" contains that value.

Vector >> Geoprocessing tools >> Dissolve...
Remove the check mark at "Dissolve all (do not use field)"
Add the field "name" to unique ID fields list Run

This worked for me. Only drawback is that all roads without a name were merged 
together. If you mind that, you can select and remove them before running the 
dissolve algorithm.

Good luck,

On 15-12-16 07:07, Matt Boyd wrote:
Can you select the features you want by a function using the same
street name, then Edit - merge selected features.

On 15 Dec 2016 08:40, "Charlotte Wolter" <
<>> wrote:

    Hello, all,

            I created a query for data from OpenStreetMap using <>. I needed major street,
    so used the expression highway=primary. The area was a large section
    of Los Angeles, about 1/6th of the city, the area called South Bay.
            I got the steeets I need, no problem. But, I also got the
    street names repeating over and over, because the streets are broken
    into segments by changes, such as a bridge or a change in speed
    limit, etc., etc.
            I am looking for a way to solve this issue, such as editing
    the data to remove the names from some of these segments. I have
    opened the data in the "Attributes Table," but I can't seem to edit
    it there (which would be handy). So, if QGIS does not support
    editing a data file, is there some other way to do it?

    Charlotte Wolter

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