Am 15.12.2016 um 18:48 schrieb Alex Mandel:
All those solutions are possible good options. To answer the direct
question in case you need to know, you have turn on editing (Toggle
Edit) of a layer before you can edit, and this is only available on some
data format (so make sure you import your data to Spatialite, Shapefile
or another editable format, osm files are not directly editable)

Just to add:

If you use the QuickOSM plugin, you can choose between shapefile and Geojson output. The first truncates some OSM field names, while the second preserves them, but does not allow editing.

So if you have chosen geojson, you first need to export your data to another format, preferrably spatialite (which preserves field names too).

If you have raw openstreetmap data from the Overpass website, you can add it with "Add vector layer", which creates a temporary spatialite database. You have to save them to a permanent file too.

André Joost

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