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> I just received the answer of Symantec (Norton), here are some excerpts.

> If you are a software vendor and would like to upload your software for
> proactive whitelisting, please complete one of the following forms:
> * If you are BCS customer:
> * Otherwise:
> For more information on best practices to reduce false positives:
> -------------
> Does it mean that they whitelist just one version of QGIS (in relation
> with the signature MD5)?
> Which means that every new version should also be submitted to them?
> (luckily, the procedure is easy and not time-consuming).
> They also recommend a "software vendor" procedure, which is beyond my
> understanding.

Thanks Paul,
I agree that having a proactive approach would be better: I have seen
these kind of false positives several times, and are an annoyance,
sometimes a real problem for many users.
Anyone would like to take a lead on this? I do not think very special
skills are required.
All the best.

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