First thought - take a look at the processing toolbox. Open it and search for Lines to Polygons and try that tool. It should convert your lines to polygons. The kicker is I don't *think* that will preserve attributes. So - you're halfway there *maybe*.


On 12/20/2016 09:18 AM, Richard McDonnell wrote:
I meant to change the subject, but forgot!! So here it is, with a correct subject!

I need a little help, I have being trying to create an Index for a series of CAD drawings, they each have a extent bounding box, but its broken into individual lines.

I have so far succeeded in creating a shapefile for all of them, but my problem is that what I have is several thousand open polylines instead of box's. each polyline starts and ends in the same point, but I need them to form polygons.
The other thing is that the attribute data be preserved.
Any help appreciated.


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