Hi List-members -

Is there in Qgis a function / button / menu-item / short-cut / plugin to make a simple bitmap copy of the current content of the map-canvas and save it to the clipboard ? My users need this to make a copy of the map and paste into MS-Word or other software.

I really need the functionality for my users and I can't seem to find it. The closest I've come is the "save as png" menu-item in the project menu. But it's to cumbersome to use in this case.

I'm familiar with the composer function. My users can't use this neither because it takes to long to activate (to many choices and to many buttons to click)

So I've decided to make a simple plugin to cover this functionality. But first I want to be very sure the function actually is missing ;-)

Bo Victor Thomsen
Municipality of Frederikssund, Denmark.
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