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        Hi List-members -

        Is there in Qgis a function / button / menu-item / short-cut /
        plugin to make a simple bitmap copy of the current content of
        the map-canvas and save it to the clipboard ? My users need this
        to make a copy of the map and paste into MS-Word or other software.

While not part of the QGIS app, one could use this PyQGIS snippet to do
so (tested quickly on macOS 10.11.6 under QGIS 2.14) from the PyQGIS

from PyQt4.QtGui import *

This avoids having to re-render the QGraphicsView (QgsMapCanvas) to a
paint device, like an image. Code can be wrapped in a plugin, then have
some key bindings applied (would need some more PyQt).

Tested here on Linux: working fine too!!

I think this looks like a nice (easy?) feature request to make this core functionality?

- right-click menu on mapcanvas with:
  - save Map to Clipboard
  (- set size of MapCanvas to...) I know this is also often needed...

- one or two buttons to do this?

While a plugin works for older versions, I think it should not be needed for a teacher/user to hear: install QGIS and add the following plugins.... (while that is actually what I often have to say....)

I think I could even try to do this :-)


Richard Duivenvoorde

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