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On 12/6/06, tschaun <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> (2) I am unable to import PostGIS layers. v.in.ogr fails with messages 
> such as the following:
> Cannot open data source: PG:host=localhost dbname=lambayeque port=5432 
> user=Fempellec password=xxxxx Finished with error

I guess that OGR/GDAL thus v.in.ogr is compiled without Postgres support,
try ogrinfo --formats

You're right, PostGIS is not listed as an available format.

> (3) Some Grass commands that run from the non-Windows (preview 2) 
> build fail with error messages such as
> "Cannot start module v.kernel.exe --interface-description"
> I think I ran them all and found v.kernel, v.surf.rst, and r.in.gdal 
> to misbehave in this way.

Are the modules available in <qgis>/grass/bin/?

Yes, they all are.

Thanks for your thoughts, Hartmut


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