Running QGIS from a GRASS session.
GRASS region is using a NAD27 UTM projection (1385), because that is the 
projection used by the USGS DEM and DRG raster data.

In QGIS, I created a GPX layer, and digitized some waypoints and a route. The 
resulting GPX file contains "latitude" and "longitude" in UTM coordinates, 
which is not valid data for either gpsbabel or the GPX format. Here is one 
route point from the resulting GPX file:

<rtept lat="4879221.049" lon="315983.2026">

Changing the projection in QGIS to WGS84 lat-lon (2585) causes the 
UTM-projected raster data to disappear from the display, which is not 
surprising, but that makes it impossible to digitize routes and waypoints 
from it while using the proper projection for the GPX file.

Is there a good way to reproject the coordinates in the GPX file, either 
on-the-fly or by post-processing the GPX file?

If not, this looks like a bug to me since it causes data to be output in an 
invalid format.

Carl Brown
Whitefield, NH USA
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