Hello Walter Pleyer,

Am Dienstag, 20. Februar 2007 13:26 schrieb Pleyer, Walter:
> Hi folks!
> We are trying to install Qgis as part of a trial first on approx. 10
> Workstations, later several dozen (exact number unkown). Is there an
> option for a "silent install", that doesn't require user-interaction?

Assuming you are on windows though. :-)

I am afraid there is currently no such option inside the windows installer, 
but I am not entirely sure.
I'd be interested in this too so if someone knows another solution than my 
proposed below, let us know...
 If you are installing on brand-new maschines you could prepare an 
installation image with QGIS included. This can be roled out to the 
workstations with windows-tools then.

Just my 0.02¢


        Stephan Holl

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