Hi all

OK so the latest preview build at:


supports silent installation now. Run from the command line like this

qgis_setup0.8.1.exe /S

There are a few things to note:
-  after running the above command the installler will fork to the
background and  immediately return you to the prompt.
- the installer uses all default options that means that it will try
to go onto the internet and retrieve the two sample datasets of around
20mb each.
- if you wish to customise the datasets etc that are installed, you
can quite easily modify the nsis installer - its in svn 0.8 branch
under win_build.

The procedure for creating your custom installer is (more or less)

- Install qgis 0.8.1 preview (and later final release) into c:\Program
- Install nulsoft NSIS installer application
- Check out the win_build dir from qgis 0.8 branch:


- Follow the notes pertaining to fixing auto unzip issues in the
source in README.txt
- edit qgis.nsi and add remove sample data etc.
- Run nsis on the nsi file
- Feel good and be happy :-)

Hope that helps



2007/2/21, Stephan Holl <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
"Pleyer, Walter" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>, [20070221 - 08:12:52]

> > Assuming you are on windows though. :-)
> How did you know? ;-)
> > I am afraid there is currently no such option inside the
> > windows installer, but I am not entirely sure.
> > I'd be interested in this too so if someone knows another
> Gary Sherman already mailed me, telling me the same as you.
> This option is currently not available.
> I'm pretty sure though, this would help acceptance by institutional
> users like Universities or in our case ministries (yes, Qgis has a
> very good chance to go "official" in Austria).

So why not preparing a nsis-installer where your settings (path,
languag, etc.) are hardcoded and it only needs to be executed by
an administrator on the dedicated computer?

Seems doable though.


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