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Hi Urs,

Well done, already, with all of the impressive details on the web page and the organisation of the Event.

I know how much had work goes in to something like this.

Good luck with the outcome !

After some weeks if not months of evaluation and talks of what's next in the
QL is 25 storyline I’m very happy to announce that an international "QL &
Mac are 25" event will be hosted in Lucerne, Switzerland on Sat/Sun Oct
31-Nov 1, 2009.

It will be hosted in a very special place, the brand new Conference Center,
in the famous Verkehrshaus (Swiss Transport Museum).

You are among the first to know about it. Official announcement was today.

For first details please visit the web-page:

Even if those historical and recent QL and ICT themes – the event will be
much more that ancient/retro – are maybe not enough motivation for some to
attend think about a few days "Indian summer" holidays in the in the
beautiful heart of Switzerland.

Feedback and input is very much appreciated.

BTW: We are looking for partners and speakers.

That's it for now.

QL forever,
Urs König

P.S. Pictures of the location can be seen here:

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